Today's trip to Keyhaven

Today's exploits with the camera gear involved a trip down to the coast with Sarah, Keyhaven in fact. This is just over an hour from base and it felt like a summers day driving with the heat up in the car and the beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. This did change a little as we stepped out of the car, we were hit with the sudden realisation that it was indeed still winter, even more so when Sarah commented on the fact that she was grateful that she had decided to bring along her new Earmuffs......... I have to state that this doesn't help with her hearing or is it selective hearing :-)

We arrived at our desired destination around 11:30, not the best time of day to be shooting the sea on such a clear day. However, these spontaneous delights are set to test us. So, having set up and firing off a few test shots I soon realised it was time to test my recently purchased Lee BIG stopper. lets see how many badly exposed shots I can create I said to myself. I have to say, experimenting with this new filter was fun, and having said this, it wasn't all bad to be honest. I must of taken about 50 odd shots and soon got to grips with the conditions.

All in all it was a successful day despite the fact that we were disturbed toward the end of the afternoon by a couple of pesky youths throwing stones in our general direction............

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