Brothers Wedding

Well, what can I say........ Not only was I asked by my brother to be his Best Man he also asked me to take some photographs. This posed its own issues with regards to logistics around responsibility, do I pay more attention to best man duties or, photographer duties........ keep the lenses etc... safe or the rings. Needless to say it was near on impossible to carry out both duties perfectly so, something had to give and on this occasion given the fact there were lots of other budding photographers taking pics at the ceremony I decided to drop the camera for a bit and concentrate on my best man duties. I got the Groom there in tact (took some pics on the way) and I got the rings there safely. 

Thankfully I was left with plenty of time between the ceremony and my next duty of the speech to take some pics, these will be in my Wedding Gallery soon after they have been proofed by the couple themselves.

So, after all the excitement of my very first wedding shoot I felt it went well and was happy with the results. As for the best man bit, this was the second time I was a best man and the second time I was best man for my brother....... I did add a point in my speech about hoping it will be the last.

Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest.