Braving the weather

The weekend has been and gone. The issue with balancing a full-time job with being a photographer is finding the time to get out. It sometimes feels that there is no balance at all, the full-time job consumes the majority of time............ Needless to say, it does pay the bills at the moment.

Any way, having watched all the daylight pass throughout the week

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The Holy Island Visit

One of the things about being a Landscape photographer is photographing the Sunrise and Sunsets. However, this comes at a cost, a cost to our sleep. Especially this time of year with the ridiculous Sunrise times of 05:04 in the morning. This was compounded by the two and half hour drive to Lindisfarne.

This meant the wife and I getting up at 02:30 (should have been 02:00), throwing everything in the car, including Percy the Sprocker Dog

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